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VersaForm Patient Registry

Shrewd physicians recognize that providing top quality care isn't enough to ensure financial success...
To improve your bottom line you must also have the data to PROVE it!

VersaForm is proud to introduce our new suite of tools that will help you

  • Boost Revenue
  • Improve Clinical Effectiveness
  • Increase Office Efficiency


If you already participate in PQRI and other Pay-4-Performance plans, or if there are other incentive plans or grants that apply in your area, let us show you how to ensure that you meet the qualifications.

The VersaForm Patient Registry is a package of four tools that enhance chronic disease management and preventive health care for your patient population.

  • Alerts — to alert the provider at the point of care
  • Patient Outreach — to notify or remind the patient
  • Visit Plans — the face sheet that shows alerts and critical patient data
  • Health Management Reports — the indispensable tool for quality incentives


Looking at Applying for a Grant?

If you are thinking of applying for a grant from HRSA, the VersaForm Patient Registry can help you to improve patient health outcomes through enhanced chronic disease management. Click here if you would like to see a personalized demo of the VersaForm Patient Registry.


Important Features of the Patient Registry

  • Demographic and problem data is obtained from your VersaForm billing system or EHR—no duplicate data entry.
  • Lab test data is obtained from your VersaForm Labs/Data component, which is provided as part of the Alerts and Reminders package. (If you have the EHR, you already have this.) Lab results can be downloaded electronically from most labs—we can arrange this for you.
  • The system can generate reminders whether or not a patient has an appointment.
  • Providers are able to specify or cancel patient reminders, and to include or exclude specific patients.
  • You don't need to have the EHR to use these tools, but they can make use of EHR data if you have it.

How to Obtain the Patient Registry

The Patient Registry may be added to VersaForm Practice Management or VersaForm EHR systems, or it may be ordered separately, as a standalone. See the Feature Comparison page for more information.

For more information or to order VersaForm Patient Registry, call 800-678-1111 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..