Patient Billing Statements
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Statements can be printed at any time, either for all patients, for a subset, or for a single patient.

Compute Interest

You can charge interest or not and, if you do charge interest, choose how many days are interest free.

Show Charges for How Many Days

You can choose to show all charges, or to cut off at an arbitrary number of days (the default is 180 days). A Balance Forward line will be added for any balance before the cutoff time.

Delay Billing

If you choose to delay billing the patient, no statement will be automatically printed on a charge until all insurances have been settled for that charge. Even an outstanding copay, causing a non-zero Patient Bal on the ledger, will not cause a statement to be printed until the insurances are settled.
You can have statements printed whenever there is any recent activity. If you do, any charges with insurance pending are shown with a payable now of zero.

Ask Operator for a Statement Date

If you check this choice, the operator can designate the date to be printed on statements.

Cycle Billing

Cycle billing allows for billing a range of patients at a time. For example, you canprint statements for patients whose last names start with A through M.


You can define what messages will be sent based on the number of days since either the date of service or the date of the last patient payment.