Medications Management
    Versaform Systems Corporation is part of the VSS Medical Group

The patient's current (and past) medications always appear in the Medications tab.

Meds 1


When you add a medication, you will most often use the Frequent Medications list (each provider has one). If the problem isn't in the Frequent list, you can refer to the Practice Wide list. You can add new medications at any time.


Meds 2

Next, you'll specify the Sig, quantity, etc. If you've prescribed this med before and asked the system to remember it, you won't have to specify those things again.

Meds 3

Once you've chosen the medication, it appears in the patient's med list.

Meds 5

When you are writing up your note, the template can have a specialized medication list, appropriate to the type of note. When you click one of these, the med goes into the patient's med list, just as above.

Meds 4

You can print a prescription or renew one at any time. Prescriptions can be faxed, too.

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