Insurance Take Backs
    Versaform Systems Corporation is part of the VSS Medical Group

Occasionally it is necessary to correct an insurance company mistake. Sometimes they take money back from one payment in order to make up for a mistake on another. VersaForm provides the ability to handle these problems.


Question: The Insurance company sends a check for $200 for patient A. You post the payment against a $200 charge for patient A. Then the insurance company decides they should not have made that payment. They inform you that they are denying it, and that you owe them $200. Later they send you a check for $500 for patient B. Patient B has a $700 charge, and the insurance is paying $700, but $200 was kept back to make up for the previous overpayment to patient A.

How do we post this to the Ledger?

The Ledger needs to show that a payment of $700 to patient B was received. The deposit slip needs to show a deposit of $500.


On patient A's ledger, reverse the $200 payment that was paid on the $200 charge. Now patient A has a $200 credit.

Using the Add Payment Button, mark the original $200 charge Denied.

Transfer that $200 credit from patient A to patient B.

Click on Utilities, then Issue Refund or Transfer.


After clicking Transfer, you can select Patient B as the patient to transfer the money to.

Now Patient B will have a $200 credit.


On patient B's ledger, apply the $200 credit to the $700 charge leaving it with a balance of $500.


Finally, on patient B's ledger, apply today's $500 check to the $500 balance.