Versaform Systems Corporation is part of the VSS Medical Group

Electronic Health Records

VersaForm's Electronic Health Records (EHR) application is a comprehensive and integrated set of tools for clinicians and staffers, and represents an end-to-end solution for physicians, along with their assistants, nurses, and administrative team members. The solution is built around a patient-centered computing model whereby all workflow - from registering patients, appointments, diagnosis and treatment, billing and generating reports - evolve and focus on patients. Further, the application is 100% ONC-ATCB-certified, meaning it is compliant with all existing and future Meaningful Use objectives. Standard features include: 

  • Physician's Dashboard - The heart of the VersaForm application is the clinician's data where all patient notes and labs can be either reviewed or signed, where your appointments are listed, and messages can be accessed.

  • Patient Charting & Outreach - Collates all demographic information and HIPAA consent forms, along with all the necessary core Meaningful Use (MU) data elements such as problems, medications, allergies, vitals, etc.. And electronic prescribing with instant drug/drug, drug/allergy, drug/disease and formulary checking. Measures can be calculated at any time for any period, and problem areas are instantly identified. Charting also incorporates key MU criteria like patient lists, outreach, visit plans, clinical summaries, and health management reports. 

  • Appointment Scheduler - Allows for quick registering of new patients and for staffers to instantly check future appointments by both resource and time slot. And an optional feature automatically checks and ensures patient insurance eligibility prior to their visits. 

  • Practice Notes - VersaForm's note creation function simplifies the process with user-modifiable templates that do not change the way you work, but economizes on your time and ensures compliance via E&M coding wizards so that CPT4 and ICD codes are always correct. 

  • Practice Management - VersaForm's powerful and integrated billing feature automatically posts charges from notes to the ledger. Insurance claims can be transmitted electronically via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and can be tracked from when they are submitted to when they are paid. Plus, all authorizations and collections are tracked and recorded.