Drug Interactions
    Versaform Systems Corporation is part of the VSS Medical Group

Medication errors and adverse drug events have become among the country's most serious health care problems, accounting for over 770,000 injuries or deaths each year.

VersaForm can now help you avoid many errors in prescribing medications. When you write a prescription, VersaForm checks the medication you have chosen against all the other medications in the patient's chart (no matter who prescribed them) and also against all the patient's recorded allergies.

VersaForm employs the trusted library of drug information from First Data Bank to check prescriptions, and to provide information in-depth when conflicts are detected. Checking is done using the Internet, so that the data employed is always current. The transaction is HIPAA-compliant, and patient anonymity is preserved.

Drug Interaction Checking can be added to any VersaForm EHR system for a monthly cost of only $29.00. There is no installation fee. A high-speed Internet connection is required.

To find out more about Drug Interaction Checking, call VersaForm at 1-800-678-1111