Dr. Richard Randolph, Family Practice
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Family Practice

"VersaForm has progressed with advances in its product which have simplified my practice. We simply couldn't have done on paper what we're doing now.""All aspects of inter office communication have improved."


DrRandolph 430Dr. Randolph has been practicing Family Medicine in Mississippi since 1985. He's had to manage a growing practice within an ever more complex reimbursement system, and seen VersaForm adapt to meet his changing administrative needs. In the early days, Dr. Randolph spent a lot of his time dealing with rolodexes and ledger cards and performing laborious manual calculations. On the advice of his accountant, Dr. Randolph acquired VersaForm Practice Management Software in 1990. Since then, in his words "VersaForm has progressed with advances in it's product which have simplified my practice. We simply couldn't have done on paper what we're doing now."

Growing With VersaForm

Dr. Randolph converted to VersaForm EMR in 2006 because it "provides access to records across office personnel without filing and paper juggling." "Due to our ability to use the messaging built into the software," he adds, "all aspects of inter office communication have improved." He particularly values the Appointment Scheduler, which allows anyone in his office to create or modify patient visits. The Scheduler also tracks no-shows, and ensures that charges are recorded for all visits. Another favorite feature, the Drug Interaction and Allergy Alert, draws Dr. Randolph's attention to potential complications each time he writes a new prescription. It automatically notifies him of interactions between drugs being prescribed and other medications, or between new prescriptions and patient allergies. Once the correct medication is selected, the prescription is electronically sent to his pharmacy of choice.

Exceptional Support for an Outstanding Practitioner

When Dr. Randolph approached VersaForm technical support with a special concern, we responded with a tailor made solution. In need of a way to ensure accurate billing, Dr. Randolph requested help confirming his patients' demographic and insurance information. The result was the Patient Information Verification Form, now standard in our software, which can be custom generated for each visit at the click of a button.

The Bottom Line

  • Drug errors are down
  • Ease of access and communication have improved
  • Dr. Randolph has more time to focus on his patients