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Revenue Cycle Management Self Help

Accounts Receivable is one of the less popular items of business on the agenda at any practice meeting. Money owed is a disheartening subject.

Administrators have the often thankless task of preparing AR reports for meetings, and this regular task can take a large portion of a work day.  Additionally, determining the status of claims in progress can be difficult when trying to collate report information, or when just finding out where you stand with regard to certain claims. This can involve long hours on the phone, being placed on hold for extended periods, being passed around departments, or waiting for the person on the other end to track down the information you need. This is frustrating and inefficient. Thankfully, this does not always have to be the way it goes.

With the swing toward technological solutions many claims payers are now realizing the benefits to them and their clients of providing easy access to claims information through dedicated claims web portals. If your claims payer has such a thing, it  makes following up a breeze. Simply go to the web site and log in, then enter the claim number(s), and real-time claims data is pulled live from the database ready to read or print. This can eliminate the need to pick up a phone and wait, potentially saving many hours of frustrating and wasteful time on hold. It is more flexible, more responsive, and more accurate. Quick answers to simple questions are often only a few keystrokes away.

New claims portals are coming on line each month as insurers realize they need to keep up with their technology or risk losing business. It is worth checking with your own payer(s) to determine whether they already have a portal, or if they are planning to launch one, and when. If they do, you could save yourself some a lot of time and effort. If not, you may add your voice to those of others making the same request of them: Give us a portal. Such customer pressure will likely encourage more urgent attention to the matter. If not, you may choose to investigate your options and see if you can take your business elsewhere, and self-help your practice to better AR results.