Appointment Scheduling
    Versaform Systems Corporation is part of the VSS Medical Group

The VersaForm Appointment Scheduler comes standard with VersaForm Practice Management and VersaForm EHR. The Appointment Scheduler provides you with a quick and easy way to automate your appointment scheduling.


Appointment Scheduler Features

  • Integrated with MD VersaForm Practice Management system to provide easy access to patient charts
  • Supports any number of physicians and resources
  • Schedules appointments for multiple resources--for instance, Dr. X and Nurse Y in Exam Room B
  • Block out holidays
  • Specify the beginning and end of day for each physician or resource for each day of the week
  • Block out times for recurring daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or yearly events. e.g., Staff meeting every other Wednesday from 10:30am to noon
  • Allows overbooking of physicians or other resources
  • Change, cancel or reschedule appointments
  • Search for free time on schedule
  • Search for all appointments for a given patient
  • Keeps track of missed appointments (no shows)
  • Choose dates from a pop up calendar
  • Each physician or resource can have a different default appointment length
  • Allows a comment to be included for each appointment
  • Appointments can be any length
  • Print daily schedule and appointment list for each physician
  • Print recall notices
  • Print list of appointments
  • Sends automated phone reminders when integrated with Appointment Reminders