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Especially for Allergy/Asthma

Spec-AllergyAs an allergy and asthma specialist, you have to ask your patients many questions that are specific to their health and your practice—be it on food, drug, or environmental factors like bedding, type of home heating system, flooring, and pets! Then there's the review of symptoms for the nose, eyes, ears, skin, abdominal, respiratory and other systems.

While many vendors may say that they offer "allergy specific" templates, their products were not written by clinicians, let alone allergists. That being said, EHR software should allow you to diverge from "canned" or basic templates. The VersaForm solution provides allergy and asthma clinicians with an easy and intuitive way to customize templates and update them accordingly.

VersaForm's template editor lets you automate the entire documentation and patient charting process, via intuitive drop-down boxes and pick lists. Whether it's a unique shot scheduler or skin test, or defining antigens, allergens, histamines, and diluents, your documentation will be handled efficiently and accurately.