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The Gratitude Contest is Now Closed. And the Winner Is...

gratitudequotesOur recent contest drew much interest and many expressions of gratitude were shared. We wish to thank everyone that participated for taking the time out of their busy days to have a little fun with us.

Of course there can only be one winner in a prize drawing, and the name drawn out on this occasion was...

Sunil Eknelligoda. Congratulations, Sunil!

Sunil will shortly receive the prize of a brand new Gratitude / Wishing ball, and we hope that it takes pride of place wherever it can bring the most enjoyment.

May it be a repository of happy thoughts and wishes for many years to come.

Being grateful for all that we have, instead of being ungrateful or jealous of what is missing, can have many benefits. It allows higher levels of optimism, more frequent happy moods and a higher sense of belonging (Source: The Greater Good Science Center UC Berkeley, 2011)

Thanks For Playing!